A man who spent his entire life protecting the poor has been robbed at gun point today. He runs the worlds largest free ambulance service. He lives in a small hut. Every dollar he receives in donations gets passed on to the poor. He does all this despite being very ill & yet someone had the guts to do this. Im really pissed off at the government. While our useless prime minister, Nawaz Sharif ( A man who has stolen over $4 billion from the people of Pakistan) is surrounded with 25,000 police officers at the expense of the tax payer, not a single security guard has been provided to an angel like Mr. Edhi. Honestly i dont know what to say. My heart broke watching Mr. Edhi on tv, he looked so fragile and scared.

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Ellis Grey in Only Mama Knows

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You asked me
“Who is Allah?”
as though you never saw
His signs.

I looked upwards and said:

"He is the One who paints
the sky in various colors,
Who draws the sun and the moon
wherever and whenever He wants,
The One who dabs them
together with the stars
to perfect constellations.”

"He is Al-Hasib, The Sufficient
The One Who takes account
of the galaxy and you.”

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"Longing has a favourite month, that is winter."

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"My father never liked me. The last time I saw him, I hid from him. We both went to visit my grandmother at the same time. When I heard that he was on his way, I hid beneath the staircase, and I watched his back as he walked away. I never saw him again. My sister was with him when he died. She says he cried a lot."


"I have five deteriorating discs in my back. I tried to pick something up at work a few years back, and I heard a pop. I’d worked all my life up until then, but now I can’t. It messes with your psyche. You can’t be the man of the house anymore. You have to depend on your wife. You can’t play with your kids the way your dad played with you. Honestly, this is my second time out of the house in ten days. And not to rush your process or anything, but it hurts to stand here."